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We’re Australia’s leading tyre industry solution-provider, and our vision is hassle-free tyre replacement. tyreconnect offer a comprehensive selection of tyres online, competitive pricing and rapid delivery so as a retailer, mechanic or service manager you can focus on getting the right tyre for your customer. 


tyreconnect works with all elements of the supply chain including tyre manufacturers, car manufacturers (OEM), dealer groups’ service and parts divisions, and retailers for the efficient distribution of tyres.


Founded in 2015 by Ryan Wilson, the team behind tyreconnect includes tyre industry specialists with decades of retail experience, who are using the latest in data, technology and logistics to deliver superior service levels and transform the customer experience.

It's tyres made simple

One of the best things about tyreconnect is how it helps you satisfy and retain customers, ensuring the ongoing profitability of your dealership. No matter how good your service, tyres are one of the main reasons a loyal service customer will go somewhere else. 


To keep them, it’s important to show your customers you have the right tyres, from all the right brands with the right advice.



You simply select the tyre required, and can order immediately, with delivery within a few hours, for a same day service for your customer.

On our website you’ll see each tyre has a Market Price listed on its tile. 


This price is a quick guide as to what that tyre might sell for in the marketplace. This includes fitment, balancing, tyre disposal costs and GST.



You can switch modes between your view showing your cost of tyres and a customer view, when you want to share options with your customer to help them make a decision. Your dealership provides first-class service, and now with our online platform, you can always offer the added convenience of same-day tyre fitting at the right price. 


The market price feature ensures you’re always delivering value and pricing tyres competitively.





Repair Order (RO) conversion is the percentage of repair orders that convert to a tyre replacement. tyreconnect maximises your business in tyres (and therefore your RO conversion) by enabling you to quickly quote and recommend tyres to your customer, with easy ordering and fast free delivery.



tyreconnect knows that your customers are usually happy to replace their tyres with what’s currently on their vehicle. For most, that means the OEM tyres that came with their new car. With this in mind, our ‘OE first’ portal feature makes ordering OE tyres simple, and identifying and suggesting appropriate alternatives is easy. We have the full range of all the best brands to choose from.



Our sales and product training provides support for your service advisors. They become the in-house tyre experts, with all the knowledge and confidence to make the best recommendations to your customers, which increases repair order conversion, customer satisfaction and retention. Efficient tyre sales within a dealership has a positive impact on the overall profitability of your business. To make sure you are making the most on tyres at your service centre, speak to our training and development team today. 


Managing tyre inventory can be a frustrating experience for a service team, especially considering all the moving parts coming in and out of your workshops. tyreconnect assists with managing you tyre stock as your need to carry stock on hand will be minimised through our fast and free delivery on a wide range of tyre patterns/sizes.


Your customers matter as much to us as they do to you. This is why our same day, fast and free delivery service is the core of the tyreconnect model. We want to make sure that you can service your customers as fast as possible to avoid their car being on the hoist for long periods of time. 

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