Delmax is a market-leading brand,
producing high quality products. Delmax has sought and received quality assurance approval for distribution from both the European and North American market authorities.

The Delmax brand, when considered against other Chinese
manufactured brands is regarded as ”High Quality”, which is a level usually reserved for products manufactured in other countries. Delmax is often referred to as “Japanese quality at Chinese pricing”.

Delmax specializes in the SUV tyre market, however they also have a wide range of other tyres. Delmax focuses on continual development
of new sizes to accommodate the fast-growing range of SUV vehicles.
These patterns include HIGHWAY Terrain, ALL Terrain, and MUD Terrain.

In a highly competitive market, Delmax can provide
high quality at low pricing making it the rational choice for discerning


Wide shoulder pattern design enhances block rigidity, endurance, and weight-bearing ability during driving.


Staggered central rib design ensures straight-line driving stability and safety.


Multi-steel strap design promotes excellent gripping performance and enhances traction on a wet and dry roads.


Four wide grooves design provide effective drainage and sufficient wet safety performance.


Central rib with sipes promotes rigidity and helps to balance high-speed performance and grip performance on the wetland.


Multiple blade groove pattern provides excellent grip and handling performance on the wetland.


Central rib combined with horizontal grooves design provides nice stability, excellent acceleration and brake performance at high speed.


Crisscross grooves design helps to enhance water evacuation, and prevent tire lateral slip on wet road.


Four wide grooves design provides effective drainage and sufficient wet safety performance.


Willow shaped pattern block design inside effectively prevent irregular wear and S shaped on the tread blocks will bring you silent and comfortable drive experience.


Four criss-cross grooves design ensures excellent drainage and handling performance.


Wide available groove design helps to avoid air flow, decrease irregular wear and increase tire life.

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