Embrace EV servicing. Before you have to.

The future isn’t here yet… but it’s not far away.


New electric vehicle sales are up 345%

And that number is still rising.


While EVs have fewer components to service compared to traditional vehicles, one aspect remains constant.



As the demand for EVs grows, so does the need for specialised tyre solutions and maintenance.

“Tyres are the new oil change.”

Despite this dramatic increase, electric vehicles still only make up 6.5% of the current vehicle market share in Australia.

But we’re already seeing a drop of 22% in service revenue.

tyreconnect provides you with the opportunity to seize every opportunity in the tyre lifecycle to own your customer. From selling and fitting, to wheel alignments and rotations, tyres provide your dealership with the potential to boost revenue and retention.

To maximise your revenue tomorrow, shift your focus towards tyres today.

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