Turn Your Team Into Tyre Experts

Let us train your service team in tyres

Our Professional Training will help you become an expert in servicing your customers and maximising your dealerships business in tyres. Our Training is based on proven industry best practises focusing on how to sell tyres.

You will learn to skilfully navigate the challenges of selling and learn how to overcome customer objections. Your team will become confident in applying sales techniques to maximise service centre Repair Order Conversions.

What is covered?

Why you should focus on tyres

Four reasons why your Service Department should focus on tyres and how to easily communicate this to the customer.

How tyres can be simple

Tyre facts and stats that you can use in conversations with customers, daily. Also explores all the classifications of tyres and how to sell tyres correctly.

How to sell tyres

Learn the structures sales approach developed over years of tyre industry learnings from our expert team members.

Overcoming objections

Listen and acknowledge to overcome objections through the use of helpful safety features.

Using our website as a sales tool

tyreconnect’s simple but sophisticated platform is fully integrated with backend delivery logistics and customer support.

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Why tyres are important to your customers...

The legal perspective is that any part of the tyre that makes contact with the road must have a tread depth no less than 1.6mm. And from a safety perspective, as tyres begin to wear and lose tread they begin to suffer a loss of traction. Braking performance can also be heavily affected.



Tyres represent first major defection point for a Service Department and many Tyre Stores will offer “log book servicing” to customers when they replace tyres. Being able to service all your customer’s vehicle needs will reduce the chance of them needing to look elsewhere to maintain their vehicle.

Our training covers the website's benefits, such as...

Using the portal to close the sale with the client

Easy to use portal, training guides and resources are available

Search for tyres by vehicle or tyre size while your customer is with you

Place an order and get the tyres delivered within a few hours, improving RO conversion