Since their first tyre in 1898, Goodyear pedaled its way toward becoming one of the world’s largest tyre companies.


Today, Goodyear measures sales in excess of $15 billion, the company has more than 85,000 associates worldwide and manufactures in more than 85 facilities in 28 countries. 


The Goodyear range incorporates technology and advances in tyre design gathered from Goodyear’s various research and development teams located around the world. You can be confident that there is always a Goodyear tyre of the highest quality to suit your individual needs. And with a distribution network the envy of the Australian & New Zealand tyre industry, Goodyear should be the tyre you choose first every time.


You can select from the wide range of Goodyear products available on the tyreconnect website to suit your customer’s needs. View the popular products from the range below:


The Assurance TripleMax 2 delivers exceptional wet braking performance, improves handling and maximises comfort.


Assurance TripleMax 2 achieves better braking performance on wet roads with the new HydroTred technology for maximum grip and assurance in wet conditions.


With its new design and compound, Assurance TripleMax 2 reduces braking distances up to 5.6 metres*. With the innovative asymmetric tread design and enhanced tyre construction, it further improves its handling and comfort performance, which will truly give drivers a safer and more comfortable ride.


Goodyear’s OptiLife 2, incorporating Tredlife Technology, features special tread compounds and equalised pressure distribution across the tyre footprint, providing more even tread wear and extended mileage.


Also integral is the improved handling performance and better grip on wet and dry road so consumers can drive with confidence. Additionally, the construction of the tyre has been enhanced to provide greater fuel efficiency which we know consumers value.


The Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance has the latest technology to provide an exceptionally quiet and comfortable ride, whilst delivering outstanding wet braking to enhance safety.


An innovative tread and cavity design, advanced vibration-damping carcass and high grip compound delivers an exceptional ride in all conditions. The EfficientGrip Performance is Goodyear’s quietest ever tyre.


Developed to specifically meet the needs of modern day small cars. The Duragrip tyre was developed through incorporating innovative technology, as used in the test-winning HydraGrip, UltraGrip 7 and Excellence tyres.


This tyre has been developed to cope with the pressures that constantly stopping and starting in traffic by dramatically improving tyre longevity.


The Goodyear DuraGrip offers the perfect balance between safety, performance and durability.