The ‘Best, Better, Good’​ approach to tyres

Tyre stores have been known for using the good, better, best approach, pushing budget tyres and slowly ranking up to premium tyres. We at tyreconnect believe the scale should tip the other way. Offering premium tyres and trickling down the range to entry level and budget tyres will ensure a greater driving experience for your customer, and therefore boost their satisfaction.


Understanding your customers’ needs and wants is crucial, so start by ticking off some basic questions:


  • Will the customer be doing mostly city or country driving?

  • What is the distance the customer will be driving in a year?

  • What are the customer’s preferences: performance, comfort, longevity, safety?

Your customers’ answers will shed some light on their overall perception of tyres and what the best fit will be for a tailored driving experience.



Once you’ve narrowed down your customers’ expectations, take them on a best, better, good journey, by guiding them down the quality ladder — follow this format for best practice:

  • OE tyres first: outline the many features and benefits that original equipment tyres offer. If for some reason the OE tyre isn’t favored by your customer, move on to the next best thing.

  • Best: offer premium products, your customer is guaranteed to have heard of the many premium brand names before and will be more likely to agree to the additional quality as you explain the many benefits found in premium tyres. If a premium is out of your customer’s price range, move on.

  • Better: mid-range brands offer a lower cost option for your customer if they are not convinced by the benefits of premium tyres. If there’s still a level of indifference from your customer, move onto the entry-level tyres.

  • Good: finalise the sale with entry-level products — brands like Ovation, Delmax, Gripmax, and Saferich fall into this category.



Your customers’ reaction to the pitch is key — the more tailored the information you give them, the more inclined your customer will be to position the benefits as an investment rather than an unnecessary cost to their vehicle service.


The tyreconnect website makes it easy for you to guide your customer through the best, better, good process. And prioritises premium, OE tyres first, so you’ll never miss out on fitting the most suitable tyres to every vehicle.