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Here at tyreconnect we want to make sure you are always armed with enough educational resources to maximise your tyre sales. Explore below all the resources available to our client network. This includes handbooks, marketing assets, training support and much more…

Download the tyreconnect tyre handbook

The tyreconnect tyre handbook contains all you need to know about maximising tyre profits, efficiently servicing your customers and usable sales techniques from inside the tyre industry. From a simple tyre glossary to an in depth look into RO conversions, our tyre handbook has it covered. 


With a truly full service aided by tyre industry advice, you’ll keep your profits in house, and keep satisfied customers coming back for more.


No need to call around for answers when you are with a customer, simply refer to this guide and allow yourself to complete efficient sales on tyres. Having easy access to this information means quick results and keeps the customers coming back to your dealership for their next service.


tyreconnect makes tyres simple, so you can easily download your copy of the tyre handbook by entering your details below. 

Download your tyre handbook today

Remind your customers how tyre tread depth impacts braking distances

tyreconnect is here to help you manage your tyres, quickly find and select the right ones for your customers, and provide them with expert advice and the best service possible. This digital handbook will assist your staff in maximising their revenue through tyre sales.



Log in at and you’ll be able to start ordering and get expert advice. Keep this booklet close at hand so you can easily find your details if you need them.


tyreconnect knows that your customers are usually happy to replace their tyres with what’s currently on their vehicle. For most, that means the OEM tyres that came with their new car. 


With this in mind, our ‘OE first’ portal feature makes ordering OE tyres simple, and identifying and suggesting Repair Order (RO) conversion is the percentage of repair orders that convert to a tyre replacement. appropriate alternatives is easy. We have the full range of all the best brands to choose from.