Yokohama tyres stand as a testament to tyre excellence, a result of years of unwavering commitment, substantial investment, and continuous innovation. The Yokohama tyre range is a diverse array of models meticulously designed to cater to various vehicle types and driving preferences.


Within Yokohama’s tyre catalog, you’ll find a tailored selection for specific driving needs. Yokohama’s urban tyres bring a perfect fusion of comfort and safety, making them the preferred choice for city commuters maneuvering through urban streets in mid-sized and compact cars.


For those who crave the liberating experience of the open road, Yokohama’s highway tyres are precision-engineered for both performance and endurance, guaranteeing a consistently smooth and dependable journey, whether it’s on highways or exhilarating road trips.


When your path ventures into rugged terrain, Yokohama’s all-terrain tyres rise to the challenge, excelling in demanding conditions both on and off the unpaved routes.


Yokohama’s tyre catalog encompasses distinct product families, each with its unique strengths. The Yokohama Advan™ family, for example, delivers top-tier performance for sports driving, with impressive braking capabilities and unwavering traction, even at high speeds.


For eco-conscious drivers, Yokohama’s BluEarth™ tyres champion sustainability by reducing vehicle emissions through eco-friendly materials and reduced rolling resistance, promoting a more environmentally-friendly driving experience.


When it comes to SUVs and Crossovers, Yokohama’s Geolandar™ tyres exemplify top-notch performance and safety, ensuring confidence in handling and stability across various terrains.


Embark on a journey of tyre excellence with Yokohama, and explore the perfect tyre for your customers on the tyreconnect website. Discover some featured Yokohama products from our catalog below:


BluEarth-XT AE61 is developed for family SUVs driving around city streets and motorways.


The ADVAN Fleva V701 is a high performance sport tyre suitable for sport hatch and sedan performance cars. It offers agile handling in wet and dry conditions and is surprisingly quiet and comfortable for a sporty tyre. Developed by Yokohama’s expert engineers, the ADVAN range of tyres give drivers greater confidence.


The Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 is a tyre that is engineered to provide ultimate traction wherever you go, and is suitable for SUV’s, 4WD’s and Utes demanding durability, long tread life, off-road traction, on-road handling, low noise and a comfortable ride. Go beyond where the road ends and experience limitless adventure with the Geolandar A/T G015.

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