Want to know how tyreconnect works?

The tyreconnect way

From one simple-to-use online portal you can search and order any brand or model of tyre and we’ll deliver them fast and free – within a few hours. Our tyre services extend nationally to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and many more within each state.


Browse thousands of tyres online; by size, preference or vehicle.


Use expert advice and training to choose the right tyre for your customer.


Take advantage of super-fast delivery to service your customer effectively and quickly.

Better selection. Choose from the largest range of tyres in Australia with all the brands and tread types to meet your customers’ needs.


Fast & free delivery. Free delivery Australia-wide. Just click to order and have tyres delivered
within a few hours.


Hassle free. Save time. All the brands and a single account. No need to deal with multiple sales reps and paperwork.


Training and marketing support. All the resources you need to reach more customers
and sell more tyres.

tyreconnect is here to change the way you manage your tyres and service your customers. We’re a new style of tyre supply and service, that you can use to maximise your business in tyres and increase your profitability.


From one easy to use website, you can instantly search and choose from over 4,000 tyres from 20 of the world’s leading brands. Once you make the order, we’ll deliver it fast and free, usually within a few hours.


With tyreconnect you get more than tyres, we offer you the full-service package with expert advice on hand when you need it, and training that will improve the service you give to your customers.

Turn your team into tyre experts with tyreconnect


With our professional training, easy-to-use website, and on-call product advice your service advisers will become experts in tyres in no time. They’ll have the knowledge and confidence, to look after your customers, to sell more tyres and really boost your business.

Managing tyre stock with tyreconnect



tyreconnect saves you so much time in managing stock and ordering. The website gives you immediate access to the largest range of tyres in Australia.

tyreconnect can improve your inspection of tyres



tyreconnect knows how important it is that you inspect all tyres for wear. So we’ve made it easy for you to give on-the-spot quotes to your customers when they need a replacement.

How tyreconnect can help your dealership efficiency



tyreconnect streamlines the quoting and selection process, making your dealership much more efficient. This makes your customers happier and you more money.

A one stop shop with all the brands



tyreconnect gives you easy access to all the brands and models your customers need. You can instantly search over 20 of the world’s leading brands, with more than 4,000 specific SKU’s. All in one website.

Finding OEM tyres



tyreconnect makes it easy to match the right tyre to any car at the right price. Enter the car make and model into the website and you’ll instantly get a choice of tyres. You’ll see the Original Equipment, and also appropriate alternatives you can recommend to your customers, from entry-level to high-end brands.

We’re delivering a lot more than tyres to your dealership.


Our service doesn’t stop with wholesale tyre ordering and delivery; we’re here to maximise your business in tyres. We founded tyreconnect to make tyre management simpler and easier, and help you turn tyres into a much more profitable service item.


We also work with many other dealerships around Australia helping them to increase their repair order conversion and increase customer satisfaction. And we know that your customers are usually happy to replace their tyres with what’s currently on their vehicle. For most, that means the recommended tyres that came with their new car.


With this in mind, our ‘OE first’ feature makes ordering OE tyres, or affordable alternatives, simple and easy.

tyreconnect provides sales and product training, and support for your service advisers so they have the knowledge and confidence to make the best recommendations to your customers. And, by making ordering easy, your team’s time will be freed up to concentrate on customer service.


Delivery FAQs

Q: What is the cost of ordering express delivery?
A: A $20 flat fee is added to your invoice when you place an express delivery order. This is irrespective of the number of tyres that
are ordered. I.e. order one tyre or six tyres and the express charge will remain at $20 for the order.


Q: How do I order express?
A: If you wish to order express on your delivery, simply type the word “Express” in the delivery Instructions. (Please note: typing
“express” in the Purchase Order section can be very easily missed, so please ensure it is within the Delivery Instructions).


Q: What happens if I forget to order on express when I want an express delivery?
A: If you have ordered online and haven’t written express on the order delivery instructions it will be placed on a standard service. In
many instances, once the order is placed on a standard service, it cannot be changed to express. Always double check before you
place the order.


Q: When is the latest time I can order tyres and expect to see them on the same day?
A: One of the great things about tyreconnect’s delivery service, is that as there are no set runs, we technically don’t have a last
cutoff time. If you are open within a few hours of placing your order, then we’ll be more than happy to deliver it out to you. However, due
to most businesses closing at 5pm, orders placed after 2pm will automatically go on a delivery for the next day. If you an order the
same day as a post-2pm order, please contact our friendly client support team and let them know when you require your tyres.


Q: When can I expect to see my tyres if I order in the afternoon past the last cutoff?
A: If you place an order in the afternoon for the following morning, your tyres will arrive within the tyreconnect delivery time frame (within a few hours) starting from 8am the following morning.


Q: What should I do if a delivery is late?
A: Our drivers are trained to always notify us if a job looks like it may run late, this means that if we believe the tyre may arrive later
than expected, you will be always be aware of the potential delay. If a tyre does not arrive within our delivery window and you have
not been notified, then we advise giving our contact centre a call. We can quickly and easily track our drivers, analyse the delay and
provide you with an updated ETA.